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Looking for the perfect beer to pair with your summer fare?  Chris Denton, our Belmont Beer Steward Extraordinaire, shares his top six picks for this summer.

21st Amendment Brewing:  Bitter American ISA
This fairly new style of beer features a similar aggressive hop profile as a traditional IPA but with an alcohol level of less than 5%, as opposed to the 6-8% of most IPAs.  This beer comes in a picnic-friendly six pack of 12 oz. cans.  Pair this outstanding beer with anything from fried chicken to grilled salmon.

Fort George Brewing:  Quick Wit
Quick Wit is inspired by the cloudy, thirst-quenching beers from Belgium, like Hoegaarden with a Northwest twist.  It starts out with aromas of clove and orange peel and finishes with a generous helping of malt, perfect for a post-hike beverage.  It’s available in a four-pack of 16 oz. cans.

Maui Brewing:  Mana Wheat
Aloha! This wheat beer is made with local Maui pineapple juice added – perfect for your next backyard tiki party.  It’s available in a six pack of 12 oz. cans.

Pelican Brewing: Kiwanda Cream Ale
Located in the tiny town of Pacific City along the Oregon Coast, this brewery has been brewing award-winning beers for 14 years.  This beer is based on the pre-Prohibition beer style — light and golden in color with a floral hop aroma.  It’s perfect with shrimp salad or fish & chips and is available in 22 oz. bottles.

Heater Allen: Pils
This is a super smooth beer and is based on the crisp, golden beers of the Czech Republic.  It’s perfect with grilled bratwursts or fish tacos and comes in 22 oz. bottles.

Stillwater/Mikkeller: Two Gypsies Saison
This beer is a deep gold in color and has aromas of clove and spice, but is more full-bodied and hoppier than a pilsner. It’s available in a 750ml bottle and is the perfect beer to have after working in the yard all day!


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We are proud to host our annual holiday event, The Taste of Zupan’s. Join us on Saturday, November 5th, at the Heathman Hotel from 10:30am-3pm.


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This is one of my favorite outdoor party foods—and guests seem to agree. No matter what else I’m serving, the zesty, grilled shrimp are always eaten first, but not before they’re dipped and tipped with the spicy tomatillo-garlic salsa.


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This week we talked to Sue at our Macadam store – she’s a beer expert!  Make sure you stop in and ask Sue to share some of her beer wisdom with you.  She knows what she’s talking about!

Zupan’s:  Tell us about your experience with beer and what makes you the Macadam beer goddess!

Sue:  I first got interested in wine/beer/fine food when I was living in the SF bay area and I would go to a lot of festivals/tastings.  I then started marketing beer for a large corporation and when I moved back to Portland, I went to work for the largest beer distributor in Oregon as a sales rep and sold beer/wine to both retail and restaurants for 9 years (Zupan’s being one of my favorite accounts).
I now have been employed at Zupan’s for over a year and have met some amazing customers that I can share my passion for food/wine/beer/entertaining with.  I am loving what I do!

Zupan’s:  What’s your personal favorite go-to beer?

Sue: My personal favorite is Lagunitas Little Sumpin’Sumpin’.  It started out as a seasonal and it was so popular that you now can get it year around.  The first time I had this beer, they had me with amazing aroma of apricot, peaches, rose petals that led to a beer that is packed full of hops with a delicate bitterness.  I agree with their tag line “Everyone needs a little sumpin’ sumpin’ sometimes.”

Zupan’s:  What are a couple of your favorite new beers right now that you could recommend to customers to try?

Stillwater Cellar Door
This is their first summer addition to the Stateside line up of ales.  It has an intriguing blend of herbal grass and citrus flavors and aromas, with a touch of sage that lends a mild, earthy spice.It’s 750ml size makes it perfect for that BBQ.

Heater Allen IsarWeizen
This wheat beer recipe comes from a pub in Munich.  Aromas of clove and nutmeg with a little acidity that balances with the sweetness of the fruit flavors. It is crisp and refreshing  — just the thing for summer.

Goose Island Sofie
Aged in wine barrels with orange peel, it is a tart, dry, sparkling ale. With it’s creamy vanilla finish this beer is an intriguing choice for champagne and beer drinkers who are fond of Belgian Saisons.  The wine drinker in me loves this beer!

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Spring beer is here!

This week we talked to Chris Denton, our resident beer guru at our Belmont store.   Have a question about beer? He knows his stuff!  See below for Chris’ top 3 picks on some new beers in the store for spring!

Boulevard Brewing’s Boss Tom’s Golden Bock –  It’s rich and malty & perfect with Zupan’s spiral cut hams. 

Hopworks Union Brewery (HUB) Ace of Spades Imperial IPA –  Full throttle but nicely balanced, this limited IPA will disappear soon!

 Anderson Valley IPA – Now that the days are getting longer, it’s time to hit the trails and the streams.  These lightweight cans are the perfect companion to any outdoor pursuits.

So now that that spring freshness is in the air, stop in and get a crisp drink to match!


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